The Start of Babydoll T Shirt Fashion

Back then, teenagers were always wearing their baggy jeans and shirts. It was the hip thing to do, and as a result babydoll t-shirts were developed for girls. In order to match the hip looking boys, fashion designers made sure girls get a dose of bagginess with their shirts so they designed the babydoll t-shirt.

Babydoll t-shirt fashion might have started around the mid 90s. In high school, you would see a lot boy wearing their big long shirt and baggy jeans that are down to the sneakers. These were the style back then and many embraced it. For mobility wise, it wasn’t that great since the jeans dragged down to the sneakers so it hinders movement.

However, the baggy fashion was very popular and many girls have thought of wearing them too see how it would look on them. Fashion designers picked up the demand for long t-shirts instead of small tight ones so they designed the babydoll tees. Lo and behold, girls who were slim enough looked really cute with them which made the fashion a success. Many girls started wearing them as a result.

Babydoll has become a popular trend where girls wear them to school or when they are commuting. Many girls who wore babydoll t shirts were really cute so it was no surprise. That fashion trend were started by the boys and now it has spread to the girls through babydoll t-shirts. I’m also starting to see a trend where cutesy clothing are becoming more popular for the boys who are metro sexual. Fashion is becoming more interesting.