T Shirts Fashion That Speaks Your Mind

In the fickle world of fashion, trends change with the needs of society. In our modern day, hectic, convenience driven lifestyles, T-shirts are offering more opportunity than ever to combine comfort with personality. Everyone from the busy soccer mom to the most popular celebrity is sporting comfortable jeans and a unique T-shirt to express themselves. In the past, T-shirts were seen as casual wear, the lowest form of fashion. Now, not only are they acceptable, but trend setting attire for most any occasion. On the street, out shopping, or on the red carpet, T-shirts can be customized to fit any situation. As the popularity of T-shirts increases, so do the ideas for making this trendy attire a personal statement as well as a fashion statement. Whether you are looking to say something to the world, or show them what you are made of, T-shirts have something to offer for everyone.

Technological advances offer T-shirt manufacturers more opportunity than ever to create something only the wearer can offer. With extremely personalized T-shirts, wearers can compare just how different they are from the crowd. Fingerprint T-shirts take the guesswork out of detective work. A person’s fingerprint can be scanned and printed on the T-shirt for literally, a one of a kind T-shirt like no other. For a more feminine look, an imprint of one’s lips on their T-shirt can say they care about fashion as well as beauty. To get right down to the heart of who someone really is, DNA strands can show the world what you’re made of. With a swab of saliva, some magnifying, and a special gel to make it all visible, DNA on your T-shirt says you aren’t afraid to be yourself. If your looking for celebrity style more than individuality, customized T-shirts may be the way to go. Many celebrities are making their statements into fashion statements. In a new way to get their message heard, many celebrities are turning to their T-shirt to say it for them. With their own words printed on shirts, they can say it across the world through the attire of their fans.

To stay fashionable, it’s important to know what trends and styles are coming up. The style of the shirt can be as trendy as what’s printed on it. Custom fit T-shirts may be a little pricey, but the offer a better fit and a better look. Seamless and collarless T-shirts also cut in on the style of the shirt rather than just what’s on it. Seamless and collarless T-shirts offer a cool, unfinished look that is sported by many teen idols. Vintage T-shirts are also popular with celebrities and fans alike. They offer a look at the past, while showing you have an eye on trends of the future. Other trends such as 3-D and foil printing will make their way onto the T-shirt scene as well.

The T-shirt market continues to show the world we know what we want and we know how to say it. As marketers continue to improve their techniques and know their customer, as celebrities continue to influence trends, T-shirts will continue to grow in popularity. With the ability to order online, consumers have a better selection at their fingertips, and a better voice in what the coming trends will be.

Formal Shirts for Men

Do you know who said “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”? Yes, you guessed it right that was Neil Armstrong, the first man to reach the moon. Now if we were to ask you, who were the first man to wear a formal shirt? Still thinking? For over a decade now, men have been dressing up in formal shirts. As face is considered to be the index of our mind, our clothes define an outline or a structure to our personality. To stay in vogue with the fashion and trends, makes you feel good.

Men, who are not essentially careful about their looks, follow a fundamental aspect of image projection and the sense of self worth.
You can experiment with a lot of things to dress up with the trend and occasion as there are wide choices available in Men garment. One such thing that adds on to a man’s image is: Formal Shirts.

Men formal shirts vary in vivid variety, style and designs. Formal shirts are one of the most popular choices available in Men garment. Some of the formal collar styles that are as followed across the globe are as follows:

Straight Collar

This style is the most basic collar style for dress and formal shirts.

Tab Collar

This style has a tabbed button near the Adam’s apple that prevents the collar points from being rough and untidy. This helps to give a very formal appearance and can be dressed down by using certain colors and coat styles.

Spread Collar

This style is one of the formal collar styles. They are usually worn for formal occasions, with business suits.

Button-down Collar

This style gets its name from the small buttons that are used to hold the collar’s tips in place. This style can be found in many colors, but is not common as the straight collar.

Winged Collar

This style has an extremely sophisticated, formal look. These collars are a perfect fit with tuxedos. This can be worn as business attire with the right look. It will look good on formal shirts

If you make a promise to stay in vogue with stylish men garment, it will definitely create an everlasting impression.

How to Choose Camouflage Shirts That Will Be Right For You

If you have dropped in here to read this article, you are probably in the mood to buy a camouflage shirt. Camouflage clothing is extremely popular these days with men, women and even kids of all ages sporting the military combat look as a fashion statement. It is of course still the most ideal way to dress for hunting as it will allow you to blend in with the terrain and go unnoticed by wild animals that you are trying to hunt down.

This article will give you a few pointers about how you can go about choosing the right camouflage shirts.

What is your purpose or intended purpose of the Camo shirt?

You will first need to decide on what you are going to use the shirt for. If you are going to use it for hunting, you will need a camouflage shirt that will serve you well functionally. A good camouflage hunting shirt will have all the features listed below

  • It will be UV resistant which will save you from the harmful rays of the sun. Hunting means that you will be spending a lot of time outdoors and it is recommended that you buy camouflage shirts that offer UV protection.
  • The material should be breathable – Hunting can easily last a whole day and you want the material to be tough while also being comfortable at the same time.
  • Good cover – The primary purpose of a Camo shirt is to conceal your presence and make you look like a part of the background. A good quality shirt will come in a color that will be best suited for a particular terrain. The most common colors available for hunting when it comes to camouflage shirts are desert, bush rag and woodlands.

If you are however looking for fashionable Camo shirts, your choices will be a lot more. You can choose from short sleeve and long sleeve shirts that come in a wide variety of materials. You will find camouflage shirts that are made out of 100% cotton material and you will also find shirts that are made out of a mix of both polyester and cotton. They will come in a wide variety of prints such as army camouflage, purple camouflage, combat prints, military prints and so on. Camouflage shirts will also come in all different sizes and more and more stores are carrying a dedicated line for women as well.

Fashion Goes Green With Eco Friendly Style

Green is not just a color in fashion anymore – it’s a conservationist’s way of life. For those who are as much fashion conscientious as well as earth friendly, today’s eco-friendly fashion is hitting the runways. Forget those past images of burlap sacks, hemp necklaces, and Birkenstocks, the new eco-fashion is rich with style and chic designs–all with the greatest amount of care and respect for our environment.

Fashion weeks in both London and New York have promoted some of the hottest styles to date, all designed with “going green” in mind.

For the first time in fashion history, designers Emily Santamore and Melissa Sack, founders of Moral Fervor, have created a clothing line that entirely uses Ingeo fabrics. Synthetic and sustainable, Ingeo fabric is made from fermented corn. Having a concern for both the environment and humanity, Moral Fervor donates a portion of its profits to a program, called Nutripia, which feeds women and children in Rwanda.

Using organic cotton and hemp that’s harvested and manufactured without the use of pesticides or sweatshop labor, Pigeon Passenger has designed one of the most adaptable dresses of the season. Called the Nora Wrap Dress, it is both reversible and versatile. Custom-made for a Friday at the office, playful enough for a Sunday brunch, and sexy enough for a night out, the Nora Wrap Dress is the perfect eco-design for earth-friendly women on the go.

Ecoganik, a fashion design company that uses only certified organic and eco-friendly fabrics, has a steadfast mission to promote the use of pesticide-free and low-impact dye fiber. And while their concern for the planet is foremost, they do not give up anything on style. With a fresh, casual-chic line, Ecoganik is not only environmentally conscientious, it’s in vogue.

Bono, with Ali Hewson, launched an earth-friendly collection under the company EDUN–nude spelled backwards–in 2005. One highlight of EDUN, whose mission is to use trade rather than aid to fight poverty and create maintainable communities throughout Africa and other developing countries, is a fig leaf charm. The charm, a silver-colored fig leaf that hangs by a thin, black rope, represents a return to nature and signifies copiousness.

Trendy, relaxed, and eco-friendly–that’s Del Forte Denim jeans. These sexy jeans are made from 100 percent organic cotton and are sure to be the perfect fit for fashion savvy, environmentally friendly fashionistas.

Sara Cross’ cruelnotcruel collection emphasizes the use of organic fabrics, while keeping classic style at the forefront. Cross, who is concerned with both the earth and labor, makes it a point to hire a group of indigenous Aymara women for all of her Alpaca wool designs. The Aymara women, who live in Bolivia, have a healthy work environment and fair compensation.

In today’s fashion world, “going green” does not mean giving up style. Environmentally-concerned designers have successfully combined style with eco-friendly fashion. With a flair for fashion, these designers have used their creativity to offer trend setters stylish earth-friendly attire.